Kalpaka Park Residence - Office No. 15

Address: Kalpaka Park Residence - Office No. 15
Area: 135m²
Floor: 2nd
Amenities: An elegant office with 3 rooms, located on the 2nd floor of the restored part of Kalpaka Park Residence. There is a luxurious ne-Rococo style salon, two separate bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, built-in wardrobes, elegant fireplace, balcony to the inner yard.

Read more and see detailed plan at www.kalpaka7.lv/en/apartments/floor2/a15/
Notes: Monthly rate is EUR 9.00/sqm + service and management fee (incl. of all utilities) - EUR 3.98/ sqm.

Total monthly pay is EUR 1,752.30+VAT.
67 280 000