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Pumpuru street, Birznieki, Adazi municipality

“Pumpuri” village



“Pumpuri” village is located in Adazi parish, between the roads Adazi – Carnikava and Adazi – Farm Birznieki. The distance to Riga is approximately 30 km and about 3 km – to the closest centres – Adazi and Carnikava.

To find your way to the village, look out for the flags (two red / one white) near the P1 Road (Riga-Carnikava-Adazi).



“PUMPURI” village consists of 24 parcels of land:

17 parcels ranging from 1,201 to 1,577 square meters. Each of these parcels is suitable for a single family home or twin home;

6 parcels ranging from 2,947 to 3,667 square meters. Each of these parcels is suitable for a single family home, twin house, row house or low-rise apartment building;

1 parcel of 2,684 square meters that is zoned for non-residential use.

Each parcel is separately registered in the Land Book with its own cadastral number.


If you require a bank financing for the purchase of a parcel, we suggest that you consult with a bank’s credit specialist prior to parcel reservation and find out the mortgage loan options available to you.

We have a successful cooperation with “Citadele” bank.

Please contact Agnese Kosoja, Head of CreditTeam of the Mortgage loan unit at JSC “Citadele”,
phone: +371 26311116, e-mail: Agnese.Kosoja@citadele.lv.


“Pumpuri” village benefits from asphalt roads and street lighting.

In addition, each plot is connected to the following infrastructure improvements:

– electricity power supply;

– gas supply;

– Adazi centralized water supply system;

– Adazi centralized sewage system;

– Tet network (Internet, digital TV and telephone service).

Project website: www.pumpurivillage.lv

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